Let's Talk Financial Empowerment

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Let's Talk Financial Empowerment


Monday, April 15


6:30 P.M. EDT


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YWCA Delaware is pleased to extend an invitation to "Let’s Talk Financial Empowerment." Join us for an engaging conversation between our Director of Racial Justice, Becca Cotto, and Ayanna Kahn, Founder/President/CEO at Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce a brief history of the women’s financial movement, persistent barriers, and how entrepreneurship can play an integral part in progress. Shockingly, recent data from the Office of Women's Advancement and Advocacy Delaware Equal Pay Factsheet reveals that this year in Delaware, the wage gap has widened compared to 2023, highlighting the urgency of our discussion. The empowerment of women in financial matters is essential for achieving gender equity. For generations, women have been denied control over their financial lives. A significant milestone was reached in 1974 with the allowance for women to have credit cards in their name only. However, despite these advancements, disparities persist. Biases and pay gaps based on race, gender, and motherhood continue to hinder women from realizing their full economic potential. Additionally, women still bear a disproportionate amount of unpaid labor, including childcare, eldercare, and household maintenance. A recent study by PayScale underscores the severity of the gender pay gap, indicating potential losses of up to $900,000 in wages over a woman’s lifetime. This highlights the profound impact on women’s long-term financial security and quality of life. Join us as we examine these critical issues and explore strategies for progress. Your participation is vital as we work towards creating a more equitable financial landscape for all.




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